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La Pace del Cervello in Rome, just a short distance from the Colosseum, began as a pub and meeting place for students, friends and tourists. It maintains its origins by offering a quick and cheap menu.

An evening with friends...

Pub, Rome

An evening out of the ordinary in a special context?

La Pace del Cervello in the centre of Rome offers a special menu for all tastes and a wide selection of beers, wines and cocktails to be enjoyed together with friends...

La Pace del Cervello's social network

Pub Roma is one of special phones through which to communicate, share and chat with everyone in the pub...


The fun continues with table games (you can choose from several) to pass the day your friends!

A quick but tasty snack...

Local pub for tourists
restaurant for tourists
la pace del cervello pub
la pace del cervello pub

La Pace del Cervello Menu

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