Since 1980, La Pace del Cervello has been a "genuine" local pub where you can eat, drink, play and relax. During the warmer weather, you can also sit outside, taking shelter under the gazebo and enjoying the view of the Colosseum...

Meat Specialities

Meat restaurant

At La Pace del Cervello, you can enjoy steaks, hamburgers, filets, Florentine steak, Saltimbocca alla Romana, lamb and all the meat delicacies we carefully select from our trusted suppliers.

Seafood Specialties

Fish salad

Right in the heart of Rome, La Pace del Cervello also offers a rich and ever-changing menu of fresh seafood dishes in accordance with the time of year and the availability of our suppliers, with the seafood coming straight from Anzio.

Enjoy sea ​​bream, sea bass, turbot, fried seafood, spaghetti with clams, sautéed mussels and clams, cream of scampi risotto or other seafood treats and many other delicacies!

Our Hambugers

double hamburger

La Pace del Cervello Menu

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