La Pace del Cervello - Rome

A stone's throw from the Colosseum...

.... in the heart of Rome since 1980, La Pace del Cervello represents innovation and tradition simultaneously...

La Pace del Cervello grew from an idea born long ago, according to which food and entertainment can form a perfect partnership. Begun initially as a pub, it was soon transformed into a meat and seafood restaurant and pizzeria with a wood-fired oven...

That idea has never been let fall by the wayside and in the era of social networks and sharing, La Pace del Cervello in Rome suggests and offers an old and yet equally modern vision of play and commonality...

Old-style Pub

Pub - La pace del cervello - Rome

One of those old-style pubs where you can sit and enjoy a hamburger or a special first course... but where you can also meet up with friends and unwind after a long walk around the wonders of Rome.

La Pace del Cervello employs staff that speak perfect English.

Roman Trattoria

Roman Trattoria, Roman cuisine - La pace del cervello, Rome

The typical dishes of Roman tradition, cooked to perfection by our chefs, can be enjoyed in the outdoor seating that La Pace del Cervello renders available for you to enjoy the beautiful panorama that a city like Rome has to offer!

la pace del cervello
Roman cuisine
la pace del cervello - Rome
la pace del cervello - Rome
la pace del cervello - Rome
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